We deal in all aspects of residential and commercial property transactions. We act for a wide range of clients from first home buyers to large business owners. We are also experienced in completion of subdivisions and act for a number of local property developers.

Our property work also covers all aspects of landlord/tenant relationships including preparation and review of commercial leases.

We are also able to assist in settling any relationship property settlements upon the entering into or end of a relationship which may include referral to more experienced lawyers if your matters become disputed.


We work regularly in every aspect of estate law from estate planning by drafting your Will and Powers of Attorney to dealing with estate administration after your death.

Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney during your lifetime are important to ensure that your wishes are carried out while you are alive if you are incapable of making your own decisions and in certain other circumstances and also after your death by following the provisions of your Will.

We assist with the administration of estates by obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration through the New Zealand High Court through to final distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries.


We act on a wide range of matters relating to the completion of the establishment of trusts and their on-going administration. This includes dealing with the needs of clients in relation to the establishment of trusts for the purposes of asset protection, investment and matters of inheritance. Accordingly, the establishment and administration of trusts also ties in to the issues of completion of wills and how all of your assets are owned.


We act for both employers and employees relating to the establishment of employment agreements at the start of their employment relationship and the resolution of disputes that can arise during or at the end of the employment relationship.

We act for employers in preparing employment agreements and also act for employees to check the employment agreements that are provided to them by their employers.

We also act for both employers and employees in resolving employment disputes which are primarily personal grievance based.

We have acted for many years in the resolution of disputes by way of agreement between the parties concerned or, on a large number of occasions, by attending and assisting clients at mediation hearings conducted by the Mediation Services Division of the Department of Labour.

Paul May has also acted on a number of occasions for many years at hearings conducted by the Employment Relations Authority. Once again, Paul has acted for both employers and employees in this venue.


We act regularly for small and medium sized businesses.

This can include the purchase of a business on behalf of a client or the sale of a business.

We also act in respect of leasing matters for both landlords and tenants.

We are often called upon to deal with all of the necessary requirements for the completion of financing documentation on behalf of business clients. This can include completion of securities over land and other assets, completion of guarantees, and also the completion of necessary resolutions and certificates to satisfy the requirements of your bank or other finance institution.

We have acted upon the establishment of businesses for a large number of clients including the adoption of a constitution. On occasions the adoption of a constitution requires specific tailoring to the individual needs of the clients. This can also lead to the completion of a Shareholders Agreement to establish the rights and obligations of the shareholders, particularly in a situation where two or more people are coming together to establish a business venture.

On occasions we also complete shareholder buy/sell agreements which are often used in a situation where life insurance is taken out on the lives of the shareholders to a company.

We also have experience in the checking of Terms of Trade for clients or the establishment of Terms of Trade for their new business.